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No Longer Updating this Site…

Hello, fellow fans!

This site was so important to me back when I created it – only eleven years ago in late 2008! The world has changed so much that it feels like eleventy years! At the time I was after an independent place to post my fic in ways that wouldn’t be under anyone else’s control.

Since then, of course, AO3 has really come into its own. I created an account there in early 2010, but I didn’t really commit to it for a long while. Now I have! I’ve been uploading a lot of my old fic over recent months, and it’s all gone onto AO3…

If you’re interested, you can find me there on AO3 as julie, along with my historical pseuds.

I’ll leave this site here, as it still gets a lovely amount of traffic, and of course I’ll reply to any comments, but otherwise this is me officially moving house.

all the love, Julie ♥

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