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Season 2: 01 Rhythms

Title: Season 2: 01 Rhythms
Author: Harlequin
Universe: Merlin
Characters featured: Merlin/Arthur
Category, Word count: PWP; 938 words
Rating: NC17
Summary: Merlin is reluctant to go back to performing all his old duties after Arthur passed him over for Cedric.
Notes: Well, this is an initial response from me to the first episode of season two! Though the fic turned out a bit generic rather than specific, I suppose… I may need to keep pondering.
Warnings: Spoilers, of course! Though not particularly significant ones. Anyone who already knows the plot synopsis won’t find too much else in here.



‘Merlin,’ said Arthur in his most insufferable prat voice. ‘You are not going to be difficult about this.’

Merlin’s jaw set even harder. ‘Depends.’

Arthur sighed, and apparently decided to humour him. ‘On what, exactly?’

‘You know very well what.’

‘Do I?’ Arthur said heavily and rhetorically.

Merlin didn’t bother replying, but instead gave Arthur a little shove that sat him down on the side of the bed. He knelt to start wrestling Arthur’s boots off. Once Arthur was barefoot, Merlin stood again, and Arthur raised his arms so that Merlin could draw his tunic up and off. Arthur tried to hide it, but Merlin noticed he still winced a little as he shifted his left arm. ‘How’s the wound?’ Merlin asked.

‘It’s fine.’

Merlin knelt again so he could take a closer look at the damage over Arthur’s ribs, though it was hard to see much detail with only the firelight and a pair of candles. The skin seemed to have healed over, but Arthur obviously wasn’t comfortable. ‘Where’s it hurting? Inside or out?’

‘It’s not.’

‘Yeah, right. D’you want me to fetch Gaius?’

‘Oh, shut up, Merlin. I’m fine. Get on with it, would you?’ And Arthur carefully swung around  and lay himself back on the bed. Waited there with barely veiled impatience.

‘Goodnight, then, sire.’



‘For god’s sake! You know what I want. You are not going to make me ask for it.’

But Merlin was feeling hopelessly stubborn. ‘You’re gonna have to say it,’ he insisted.

Arthur growled. ‘I require you to perform… those particular night–time duties you were so… horribly inept at.’

‘Right.’ Merlin stood there beside the bed with his arms crossed. ‘And why would you even want me to, if I was so useless?’

‘Your, uh… rather touching eagerness made up for your laughable lack of talent. I’d as soon kick a puppy as deny you your simple pleasures.’

‘I see.’ Merlin sniffed in disapproval. ‘And did he perform those duties for you?’

‘Yes,’ said Arthur very smoothly, ‘I realise that’s what the problem is. You’re jealous.’

‘I am not! And what do you mean, yes? Yes, he did?’

‘I am hardly going to answer such impertinent questions from a servant.’

Did he?’

‘Oh, for god’s sake! What do you take me for?’

‘A spoilt brat who’s far too used to getting his own way.’

‘Right,’ said Arthur in clipped tones. ‘You can go now.’

Which was, of course, when Merlin finally relented and started unfastening the prat’s britches.

‘What part of You can go now do you not understand, Merlin? The words are simple enough. The intent must be obvious. You have been dismissed for the night.’

‘Shut up, Arthur,’ he grumbled. Merlin got up onto the bed, and straddled Arthur on all fours. Bent his head to take the royal cock into his mouth. He sucked gently for a few moments, then let the flat of his tongue rasp up the length of it. ‘Did he do this for you?’ Merlin whispered, lips against the prince’s sensitive cockhead.

‘What’s it to you if he did?’ Arthur said, though his defiance was undermined by the way his breath panted.

Merlin knelt up, and started discarding his clothes – while Arthur watched him with undeniable interest, though he managed to maintain his cranky expression. When Merlin was finally done, he settled with his thighs either side of Arthur’s hips, slowly shifting just enough to let Arthur’s cockhead graze along from Merlin’s balls back to his hole. ‘Did he do this for you?’ Merlin demanded.

‘What if he did?’ Arthur repeated, though with even less conviction.

This act was so familiar by now that Merlin knew exactly when to let his weight sink down. He groaned as he smoothly gave himself, as he let himself be taken. Then he rested there with his eyes closed, with his arse against the very top of Arthur’s thighs, with his body as full as his soul was of Arthur and destiny and necessity and power and submission.

‘Merlin,’ Arthur said raggedly, his hands settling on Merlin’s thighs, to encompass, to grasp. ‘Move, god damn you…’

‘Sire…’ he answered on a sigh – and began lifting and falling, in a rhythm as old as the ocean, depending on Arthur to anchor him.

They kept it going for as long as they could, until at last their long easy groans were grunts of barely controlled need, and Arthur’s fingers were digging in bruisingly just above Merlin’s knees. Arthur at last shifted his hands, lay one firm yet tender on Merlin’s cock, and carefully stroked – cupped Merlin’s balls with the other, and gently tugged. ‘He didn’t do this for me, either,’ Arthur murmured – and he abruptly triggered Merlin’s climax.

Merlin cried out, his head falling back, his body shuddering, his hands clutching – and Arthur pushed up into him with a shout, following him down, spinning him round. ‘Arthur!’ cried Merlin. ‘Arthur!

‘I know, god, I know.’

Arthur was still favouring the wound on his left, so Merlin collapsed down under his right arm, pushed in close against the man. ‘I missed you,’ Merlin whispered as they began to quieten.

‘I know,’ Arthur repeated. But his tone was as soft as if he’d said I missed you, too. ‘Don’t be such an idiot next time.’

Merlin snorted ironically. ‘Are you gonna not be such a prat?’

Arthur shifted just enough to glance at him. He was obviously trying not to grin. ‘Probably not.’

‘I can’t make any promises, then.’

‘Right.’ In a contented echo of his clipped tones. ‘No promises.’ But his tone conveyed quite the opposite.

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2 responses to “Season 2: 01 Rhythms”

  1. avatar Mel Kaine says:

    You posted this several days before the first episode and I dind’t want the spoilers at that time but now I can absolutely appreciate your work. Great fic, very necessary after the disappointment of this second season. Thank you

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      Mel Kaine – Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me that you came back to read the fic once you’d seen the ep. I’m sorry you’re finding the new season disappointing. I am enjoying it, but then I am also feeling compelled to write as much Merlin/Arthur as I feasibly can! So I guess there’s a tension there for me. Anyway, I’m really glad that this fic worked for you in the desired ways. Thank you for commenting!

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