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Season 2: 06 I Never Left

Title: Season 2: 06 I Never Left
Author: Harlequin
Universe: Merlin
Characters featured: Merlin/Arthur
Category, Word count: Ongoing story; this part 1402 words
Rating: NC17
Summary: Merlin turns up unexpectedly in Arthur’s room late one night again. What’s a prince to do?
Warnings: Season two spoilers.

I Never Left

Arthur fell onto the mattress with a whump, and blew out the candle. Merlin decided to have some fun with him, remembering the Dragon calling Merlin during his first days in Camelot. ‘Arthur…’ he intoned, hollowing his voice as if it came from the caverns deep beneath the castle. ‘Arrr–thurrr…’

The prince scrambled out of bed and drew his sword with a shring. ‘Who’s there?’ he demanded.

Merlin slid halfway out from under the bed. ‘Merlin!’

‘Oh!’ cried Arthur in surprise – though he immediately regathered his cool. ‘You’re back.’

‘I never left.’

‘Do you mean to say –’


‘– you’ve been under there this whole time?’

‘No!’ Merlin protested. ‘Of course not. No.’

‘Because if you were…’

‘I wasn’t, I swear.’ Merlin dragged the rest of himself out from under the bed and up onto his feet, while Arthur went to sit at his table, slumped somewhat dejectedly. ‘So,’ Merlin said brightly. ‘Your evil stepmother is a troll, then.’

Arthur was toying with the wickedly sharp little knife he used to cut into fruit and roast meats. ‘If you say I told you so –’

‘I wasn’t going to! I wouldn’t!’ Merlin grimaced a little to indicate that this should be filed under Lessons Learned. ‘But it’s true that if you’d listened to me earlier, then –’

The prince was distinctly unamused.

‘Sorry,’ Merlin offered, and he got to business. ‘Gaius and I believe your father’s been enchanted. We’ve found a way to break the spell. But we need your help.’

Arthur pondered him, still turning the knife about in his fingers. After a long moment, he let out a huff. ‘Can it wait for a few minutes?’

‘Yeah. I suppose.’ Merlin shrugged. ‘Depends how soon you want to be rid of the troll.’

A roll of the eyes. ‘I don’t suppose she’s doing any harm at this particular moment…’ Arthur frowned. ‘Except perhaps to my father.’ He shuddered, and then abruptly put down the knife. Held out his hand to Merlin. ‘God, come here, would you?’

Merlin grinned, happy for the change of subject. ‘Why? Did you miss me?’

‘Certainly not,’ retorted Arthur. But Merlin must have looked disappointed, because the prince relented a bit. ‘Well, I suppose there has been a certain element of… entertainment missing, in your absence.’

Merlin couldn’t quit grinning. He’d missed the prat – and he’d been sorry not to be there for Arthur during the whole disinheritance thing – but he didn’t mind Arthur knowing it. ‘I could… entertain you now,’ he suggested.

A regally raised eyebrow met this notion. But then Arthur gestured impatiently at Merlin’s nethers. ‘You could start by stripping. That might be useful.’

Merlin guffawed, and started unbuckling his belt. ‘D’you want me to make a dance of it? Like they do down at the Cock ’n Tail Inn?’

Arthur looked outraged. ‘What do you know about the Cock and Tail…?’

‘Nothing,’ he answered with all the innocence he could muster. ‘Anyway, dunno if I’d be much good.’

‘Exactly. You and your two left feet, your two left arms – two left everything. I thought you were simply proposing to make me laugh.’

Merlin waggled his eyebrows suggestively. ‘Nah. Not that kind of entertainment.’

‘Pity,’ said Arthur. ‘Oh well. This’ll do, I suppose.’ Arthur’s mouth was kicking up at the far corner, as he tried not to be amused. He almost looked fond for a moment – though there were no candles lit, and Merlin couldn’t be sure of anything in the moonlight.

Merlin slowly stripped off his shirt as he stalked closer to where the prince sat. Arthur watched him, intent but a little removed. Considering. Which didn’t prevent Merlin from doing something he’d never dared do before. Certainly never before beyond the four posters of Arthur’s bed. He leant down and kissed his prince. And as he did so he thought, You chose me – and some of that gratitude, some of that awe, some of that joy must have conveyed itself, insinuating itself into the kiss – for Arthur began kissing back with a sudden hunger. The kiss became a passionate, intense mouthing.

Then Merlin was sidling around even as Arthur pushed the chair back so that they were facing each other – Merlin was standing between the prince’s thighs, leaning in, his hands on the arms of the chair taking his weight. And Arthur was shifting lower in the chair, his hands running over Merlin’s flanks then curving round his hips, his rear – suddenly forcing him down closer, as he pushed his own hips forward. ‘Can you –’

‘If I –’

And they were pressing together, cock against cock, both proud and rampant, and the power of it surged through Merlin despite his britches, Arthur’s linens, despite his precarious balance, his bent posture – he cared nothing for any of that when it felt as if they were connected core to core.

‘Arthur, I –’

‘– I might have missed you –’

Rutting against each other now, Arthur pushing up into it, strong and sure, his hands demanding, guiding Merlin, who ground down against the man – mouth against mouth, his hands grasping the carved wood, cock against cock. Glorious. It was glorious.

‘– you chose me –’

‘– missed you a little… What? Merlin, I –’

‘– I said, You chose me. You protected me. You warned me.’

‘Shut up, Merlin. God, shut up, and – oh god!

Merlin forced himself down harder, twisting his hips in savage joy, Arthur’s hands clutching, his fingers digging into Merlin’s flesh painfully, wonderfully.

‘You chose me!’ Merlin cried as he came –

– and even as he came, too, Arthur groaned, ‘Idiot, god damn it, you idiot…’

And Merlin was so sensitised by the whole unexpected thing that he would have sworn he could feel them each pulsing against the other, their seed, their shudders, their heartbeats reverberating each within the other man.

Then Merlin’s arms gave out, and Arthur caught him – but still Merlin slithered down until he was kneeling on the floor between Arthur’s thighs, curled up with his face against the dampness of Arthur’s linens and his arms around Arthur’s waist.

‘You chose me,’ Merlin said again, quietly.

‘Idiot,’ said Arthur. He’d never sounded so fond. He stroked Merlin’s hair with one hand, let the other shape itself to Merlin’s shoulder. After a long while, he said, ‘Well, I suppose you’d better get me dressed.’ Warming to his theme, he continued, ‘And make up the bed, would you? And put my armour away. I’ll send a guard to fetch Gaius, so you can tell me this great plan of yours…’

Once it was all over, Arthur happened to come out of the council chambers just after Merlin walked past. ‘Merlin!’ he called. When they were standing by each other in the corridor, Arthur made a princely statement in which he claimed to have never doubted Merlin – which was both ludicrous and flattering. Merlin couldn’t help but challenge him. Arthur concluded, however, that, ‘Without your help, I’d still have a troll for a stepmother.’ He left a long pause, a very long pause – and then lifted a hand to Merlin’s shoulder, saying, ‘Well, thanks.’

Thank you. The prince had said thank you! And was reaching towards him. Which was a highly unexpected turn of events. Merlin grinned – he’d been doing a lot of that lately – and, overcome with affection for the prat, he lifted his own arms, moved into Arthur’s offered embrace…

‘Whoa!’ Arthur quickly stepped back with a frown, his hands in the air warding Merlin off. ‘What are you doing?’

‘I thought you were going for a hug.’



Slowly, warily they both lowered their hands, Arthur looking at Merlin as if to say, What were you even thinking? And then at last the prince strode off.

Merlin shook his head. All right, not in public. In the dark, the middle of the night – in the prince’s rooms, the prince’s bed, his chair… Yes. But not in public. Not in daylight. Merlin pondered for a moment, but concluded that he could live with that.

Because, anyway – no matter what else had or hadn’t happened – He thanked me, Merlin reflected. He said thanks. It wasn’t often he felt appreciated. And he chose me. Merlin grinned, bubbling with happiness. The crown prince of Camelot had been given an order by the king, his beloved father. And Arthur had disobeyed it.

Arthur chose me.

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12 responses to “Season 2: 06 I Never Left”

  1. avatar ravenflight21 says:

    Yay! I love your interpretation of what Merlin was thinking and feeling during all those super slashy scenes!

    I especially like your All right, not in public line of thinking <3

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      ravenflight21 – Thanks, hon! I’m so pleased this worked for you.

      When I started this series of fics, it was with a view to clinging to M/A despite other canonical developments. Well, this episode kind of undermined any such intentions… I was left wondering if I even need write it! :-)

  2. avatar BecsX says:

    Oh just plain WOW! I’ve just read all six of these episode fics and literally ‘wow’ is the only thought I can really come up with…

    This is not only incredibly sweet but insanely hot and breathtakingly awesome. I really cannot wait until the next installment. Almost as much as I’m looking forward to the next ep!
    Awesome. Just SO awesome.

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      BecsX – Thank you so much! What a lovely comment to receive. I’ll take a ‘wow’ any day of the week. :-D Actually, when that’s raised to a ‘sweet and hot and awesome’, then I’m really happy.

      Thank you again. Of course I cannot quite believe that my little fics are anticipated almost as much as the episodes themselves – but, hey, I love you for saying it!

  3. avatar E.A. says:

    I’ve been loving these fics of yours, please keep them up! :) And this perticular one is so satisfying because you filled in all the missing scenes nicely. <333 I was wondering why Merlin suddenly went into a cleaning frenzy and Arthur never paid him any mind. :D

    I'm so glad Merlin's happy, because he recognized Arthur's actions and his sacrifice. And they're both so in character, it's awesome. OMG so much love for this! <3

    (One nitpick though… I don't think Merlin should be calling the guard to fetch Gaius… coz he's a wanted fugitive ;) Arthur would be in so much trouble! *g*)

    Thanks so much for sharing! <3

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      E.A. – Thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the sequence of fics… though this episode almost made them feel redundant to me! :-)

      Hee, yeah. With my slash goggles on, it amused me how Arthur went from his medieval pajamas to fully dressed, and had Merlin make the bed, for no particular reason. Late at night. Mmm, we know what to do with that kind of thing…

      Happy Merlin is love. :-D

      Thank you for the nitpick! I remember vaguely thinking that something was wrong there, but I had a brain!fail about what. I’ll go back in and change it. Thank heavens for pixels rather than print!

      Thanks again for your comment.

  4. avatar Shizuoka says:

    I loved it. Of course Arthur wouldn’t have been to resist Merlin twice in a week. Poor guy’s self control was really challenged in those two episodes.
    What’s more, it could definetely have happened. I agree with you that the “we-have-to-clean-the-bed-before-poisoning-Arthur” is kind of weird, and there must have been a good reason for it. Plus the fact that Merlin actually took the time to CHANGE HIS CLOTHES is also very telling. One moment he’s “red shirt blue scarf”, the next “blue shirt red scarf”…He must have uhh stained them somehow and had to make himself presentable in front of Gaius. Does that mean he has a change of clothes in Arthur’s chambers? Or did he go get Gaius and changed his clothes quickly? One has to wonder :P
    Anyway you did a great job with this fic.

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      Shizuoka – Thank you so much for your comment! I totally agree with you, except then I wonder if Arthur could ever resist Merlin… I mean, really, could he? :-) Possibly not ever in a Harelquin fic, anyway!

      You know, I gave up on listing the ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’ problems before I even got to Merlin’s switched clothes. Well spotted! Darn. Either the answer is the one I present here with additional speculation from you, or they made a major continuity error. And seeing as I spotted an odd continuity error in this latest ep, too – alas, I guess the pressure of filming was getting to them all!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the fic, at any rate… Here’s to slash! It can explain anything! :-D

  5. avatar riventhorn says:

    I just love how you’re writing these and fitting them in with the episodes! The way Merlin is slowly realizing that Arthur really cares for him, yet there are still barriers between them. And how Arthur can’t quite admit his feelings. Anyway, now I’m looking forward to these every week :)

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      riventhorn – Thank you so much for commenting. I’m delighted that you’re enjoying these. It’s great to have the overall story lines reflected back to me like that, and know that they’re working. I hope it doesn’t all come a-cropper at some stage before the end of the season! :-) Still, I’ve always said that a slash writer can work around any canonical challenge. :-D I hope you continue to enjoy the show and the fic!

  6. avatar Queen Mab says:

    To tell a secret, I come on here all the time to read your Merlin/Arthur slash, I’ve just never commented before now. This past week I was checking the page at least once a day to see if you’d posted the installement accompanying the latest episode, and I couldn’t wait because watching that episode it was a total slasher’s dream.

    And frankly, I can’t wait until you post the next one to accompany tonight’s episode – sadly not too much Merlin/Arthur interaction this week, but the previews for next week show Arthur and Merlin going on a trip alone together and Arthur coming to blows with Uther over his mother, surely a chance for some good old Merlin/Arthur bonding. Better yet, a chance for some intense!Arthur and angst!Arthur action *thumbs up* .

    I’ve not said a whole lot about the actual writing, because I don’t need to. I recognise a good writer when I see one, and it is a joy to sit back and enjoy high quality authorship like this for a change – you would not believe how many published authors, even highly acclaimed ones, I’ve sat through reading and thought “how did this stuff even get published? This is WEAK writing”. Reading substandard authorship is massively frustrating and disappointing – I wish all professional authors were up to your quality of writing.

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      Oh, Queen Mab! Are you a Mercutio fan, perchance…? And, if so, have you read my Romeo/Mercutio fic…? :-)

      Thank you for commenting on this fic! It’s really nice to hear that you’ve been coming by to read my Merlin/Arthur. I do love writing it! And it’s flattering that you are keen to read these weekly instalments of M/A loving. I am expecting a real blitz of an episode next week, and I will take note of your wish for intense and angsty Arthur…

      Thank you most of all for your feedback on the quality of my writing. I really appreciate the support! It’s very encouraging. Sometimes I feel confident about my fic, and sometimes I don’t. I’ll come back and re-read your comment whenever I’m in the latter mood. Thank you again.

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