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Season 2: 13 The Prince and the Dragonlord

Title: Season 2: 13 The Prince and the Dragonlord
Author: Harlequin
Universe: Merlin
Characters featured: Merlin/Arthur
Category, Word count: Ongoing story; this part 1430 words
Rating: NC17
Summary: Merlin is dealing with grief and power, and Arthur is dealing with love.
Notes: OK, the last ep was a lot easier to work with than I’d feared! I didn’t even see a need to adjust the last fic’s timeframe. Phew! So we’re done. I hope you like how this winds up. And I really appreciate the encouragement of those who’ve joined me on the journey through season two. ♥
Warnings: Season two spoilers.

The Prince and the Dragonlord

‘You were extraordinarily brave this evening, Merlin.’

‘Thank you, sire.’

Arthur turned away from the window, and leant his shoulders back against the stone wall. ‘Stop fussing with that armour, would you? And come here.’

‘If you’d just let me finish –’

‘I realise that you have a deeply unnatural attachment to my chainmail, but I was hoping, Merlin, that you might feel fonder still of me.’

‘I don’t know where you’d get a strange idea like that, my lord.’

Arthur was silent for a long moment. But then he said, ‘Something’s still troubling you, isn’t it? In fact, it’s gotten even –’ The prince broke off, and then came over and sat at the table, across from where Merlin was cleaning Arthur’s helmet. ‘Merlin,’ he said in his best I can empathise but let’s have no nonsense tone, ‘no doubt you witnessed the nature of Guinevere’s welcome when we returned to the castle this evening.’

‘Yes, sire. But that’s not what’s –’

Arthur smoothly interrupted him. ‘You once said to me that love is stronger than anything. It seems that Guinevere has come to believe that, too.’

Merlin’s heart was already wrung out. Too much newfound love and too much raw grief and too much acquired strength, and he could not bear to be broken with as well. ‘Not tonight, sire,’ he asked quietly. ‘Please can this be said tomorrow instead.’

‘Which is not to say that there are not still two or three insurmountable obstacles in our path. But in many ways she seems an ideal choice for me.’

Please, sire…

But Arthur forged ahead, as if he knew no other way, so Merlin tried to ignore him. ‘Not least because she not only loves me but also another. And it is the same for me.’

Merlin kept polishing away with his head down, mind sunk in thoughts of dragons and dragonlords, fathers and mothers and sons, knights and friends, those fallen and those still alive. Not wanting to think about his love, who was about to tell him he could be his lover no more. But eventually he became aware that Arthur was waiting with surprising patience for his response. ‘I’m sorry, sire. My thoughts were elsewhere.’

‘Don’t you see, Merlin? She will understand.’

‘You’re talking about Gwen? Sorry, she’ll understand what?’

Arthur rolled his eyes in exasperation, but then looked at Merlin very directly. ‘That I love you, you idiot.’

‘I, uh – What?’

‘There,’ said Arthur as if pleased to have accomplished something important. ‘It needed saying, and I’ve said it. Will you stop moping now?’

Merlin just sat there staring at the prince.

‘Don’t think you’re flattering me by looking flabbergasted. I realise this isn’t exactly news to you. I am aware that I have… betrayed myself on numerous occasions.’

‘Are you saying that… you want to continue with me, whether or not you’re with Gwen?’

Arthur was apparently so surprised that he almost shouted a laugh. ‘I have no idea why I feared you might turn romantic on me.’

‘And you think she’ll be all right with that?’

‘She’d have a lot less to complain about than most women, and I know very well that nothing has changed. She still loves that blasted Lancelot as well. And,’ Arthur said, turning accusatory – standing up and jabbing a finger in Merlin’s direction – ‘don’t try to pretend that you’re not remarkably fond of him, too, for that matter. It goes a long way beyond friendship with you. There’s some secret the two of you share, some kind of understanding – and I should think the less I know of it, the better.’

Merlin took a moment with that, and then argued in reasonable tones, ‘So, you do feel jealous, Arthur. D’you see where this gets you? All this talk about loving two people at once, and not minding about Gwen and Lancelot. You’re not so comfortable with it after all.’

Arthur glared at him. ‘But you’ve said you don’t mind about sharing me!’

‘But I’m not a prince, am I? You feel a sense of… entitlement that I never could.’

‘I do not feel entitled. Not about people.’ Arthur bit off each word, massively disgruntled at such an accusation. ‘For god’s sake! I do not own you, Merlin. Would you rather I confined myself to –’

Merlin cut across him. ‘I love you, Arthur. I really do love you. So the thing I want most in the world is for you to be happy. If that means breaking with me, than that’s what you should do. It’s not like I haven’t expected it all along.’

‘But I love you, you moron. Don’t you understand that? I was certain that you’d found me out months ago! And you’ve proved yourself. Another man in your position would have used the situation to his advantage, but in all this time we’ve been together you’ve never once asked anything of me – or only to… You’ve only ever asked me to be a better man – a worthier knight – a finer prince. Nothing that I haven’t already required of myself. And then tonight – tonight, I’ve never been prouder. You stood at my side and faced a dragon. Merlin, damn it, you are not the sort of lover that any man would break with. Such a lover is rare enough in this world, and rarer still for a prince to find. D’you really think I’m so blinded by arrogance that I couldn’t work that out for myself?’

And once this tirade was done, Merlin stood, and in two strides he was standing before Arthur – he grasped the prince’s shoulder in one hand, slid the other round the nape of his neck – and kissed him. A passionate kiss, full of love and heartbreak and gratitude and promise. Arthur moaned into it, his mouth parting – Merlin pushed his tongue inside and claimed the man, even as Arthur pressed his body closer and Arthur’s hands slid around Merlin’s waist, his arms winding around to bind them together. Another moan, bereft and small and needy, as Merlin finally broke the kiss and lifted his head.

‘Please,’ said the prince.

‘Come to bed,’ said the dragonlord.

He moved over Arthur, he moved deep within him – and Arthur was accustomed enough to this act now, this was the third time that Merlin had possessed him – Arthur was accustomed enough now to feel almost nothing but pleasure. He arched beneath Merlin’s slow relentless possession, his face pale and damp and fraught. ‘Please, Merlin… Please…

Merlin reached down between them to shape his hand to Arthur’s cock, to begin a slow deliberate stroke. Arthur was so tight around him, all strength and heat and need, his thighs and his hands and his groans all demanding that Merlin finish this, finish this now… It took all of Merlin’s will to withstand him.

‘Merlin, god…

But he wasn’t done yet. He wasn’t done. ‘Arthur, I –’

‘I love you. Damn it, Merlin, do you hear me?’

‘I hear you,’ he calmly replied. ‘That’s the third time you’ve said those words tonight, Arthur. D’you want to bind yourself to me?’

A scoffing breath, and Arthur’s hot blue gaze suddenly fixed upon Merlin’s. ‘Is it like a charm?’

‘Stronger than that. Stronger than anything.’

The prince considered him very levelly, while their bodies continued their rhythmic communion. ‘Then I am already bound.’

‘I love you,’ said Merlin steadily, possessing Arthur with eyes and cock and hands and words. ‘I love you,’ he said, in measured tones. ‘I love you – and everything I am is yours.’


‘Come for me, and seal the matter.’

‘Yes, I –’

Merlin tightened his grip and thrust all the way home – and Arthur came with a shout – and he took Merlin with him, he already knew just how to shift down upon Merlin just how to haul him closer with his thighs about Merlin’s waist just how to clutch at the very core of him – and Merlin lost himself in the molten heat for a long while – collapsing down onto his love, mouthing promises, babbling kisses, and they held other close, so very close, still shifting together caressing with voices whispering with hands – until at last they were done, and still they lay there deep in each other’s arms as if they would never and could never part.

‘Bound,’ Arthur eventually said, before the night finally came to claim them.

‘Serve you,’ Merlin said, his voice slurring with tiredness, ‘till my dying day.’

‘I know,’ in softly reassuring tones. ‘I know. Sleep now.’

‘Love, sire… Sleep, yes… Arthur…’ And they were done.

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8 responses to “Season 2: 13 The Prince and the Dragonlord”

  1. avatar Dany says:

    I tried to comment three times, but I deleted my comment every time, because it doesn’t seem good enough for this. I mean… it was just… beautiful. ♥ ♥ ♥ Such a perfect ending to this season… Made me cry and smile through tears.

    I’m sorry, I’m really speechless here and my brain is not working, I will try to comment later again, ok? ;D

    Also – you have to write a fic every week, because I’m addicted and I can’t imagine how I will live without both – new episode of Merlin and new fic of yours.

    THANK YOU for writing! You’re the best. :)

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      Dany – Oh my darling girl… ♥ Aren’t you awesome, wanting to write me such a lovely comment? I mean, wanting to so much that you deleted your drafts! I just love you to bits for that, and I don’t deserve it at all.

      I am so delighted that this fic, in particular, worked for you. This had to be the one I really got right! Especially as it was such an awesome episode.

      Thank you so much for wanting more of my fic. I’ll see what I can do! :-) No promises, I’m afraid, though, as I really must get on with some pro fic. But I love ‘Merlin’, so I’m sure I’ll be popping back as often as possible to work with these wonderful, beautiful characters. Thank you! It’s been such a pleasure to share the season with you. ♥

  2. avatar BecsX says:

    Well now, are you ready for the fic!love! :p

    This was AMAAAAZING! What a fic to end on!!! Though, I have to admit I’m very upset that the series ended okay- I wanted an episode 14! *sad face* LOL.
    So upset that it’s the end of the series now- not only end of the series itself, but also the end (for now?) of this series of breathtaking fics! Double sadness for the Merlin fandom.

    I really really really hope that you find the time to write more Merlin fanfic because I absolutely need to read more of your stuff.
    I may have withdrawals from lack of awesome. *is nervous*

    Just a heads up; I will be stalking your fics… again… Consider yourself warned ;) :p xx

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      BecsX – Release the wilddeoren! ahem I mean, bring on the fic!love!!!

      I am so happy that you enjoyed this fic! Sorry there wasn’t a need to go for that extra ep, but actually I have to admit I was quite relieved. :-) It’s been such a pleasure to share the season with you, hon. I hope you find something in my older fic to enjoy instead. And I’m sure I’ll be writing more fic – just maybe not every week. :-D

      Phew! I can hardly believe we all made it through, or that it was so easy to give Merlin and Arthur the happy ending they deserved. Thank you again for being a part of it! ♥

  3. avatar Sinka says:

    Again, I *loved* it. A perfect ending for a perfect series!! I specially liked how finally Merlin was able to stand for himself, exiging to be loved completely, making Arthur squirm and beg before giving in.

    I must admit I was kind of hoping for a magical reveal or something, but I can only hope this means you will keep up the good work in the third series? *hopeful eyes*

    Still, thank you very very much for giving us such amazing fics week after week! It was a real gift!!

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      Sinka – Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m so glad this one worked for you! As for the magical reveal… well, I might write something separately along those lines, but I did want to stay as canonical as possible with these fics, and alas they haven’t got there yet within the show! I am delighted that you’d like me to do the same sort of thing again in the third season. I’ll have a think about that! I’ll have a muse in my lj about the pros and cons, I think, and then knowing me I probably won’t even decide until ep 301 starts… or even until it finishes. :-D Thank you for sharing the second season with me!

      Merry Christmas! Or Other Happy Festivities of Your Choice… ♥

  4. avatar lachatblanche says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww! This was perfect! This was so perfect! It was the perfect end to the series and YOU DID IT!!! You made Arthru tell Merlin that he loves him!!! YES!!! I am so happy! Yuo have no idea how badly I wish this was canon – actually forget that, I have now mentally incorporated this into the series and you cant stop me – if anyone asks what happened in series 2, I will have to include everything that you have written so far.

    But oh my! This was so incredibly lovely! And .. just wow. Their love is just so wonderful, Im so glad that Arthur finally admitted to it! Only Merlin would have been blind to it! And my fave bit ever:

    “Merlin, damn it, you are not the sort of lover that any man would break with. Such a lover is rare enough in this world, and rarer still for a prince to find. D’you really think I’m so blinded by arrogance that I couldn’t work that out for myself?’”

    Gawwwwwwww! I mean seriously, each of your fics just makes me melt with sheer gooiness and happiness and adoration for the boys. I know I do go on and everything but … WHY ARE THERE ONLY 13 EPISODES!???! Its not fair! And it will take about another year for it to return (and by god it better return! The BBC would be mad to cancel it considering the number of maddened fangirls there would be on a rampage!!)

    Again, wonderful, wonderful writing and please continue writing Merlin fics – I need SOMETHING to sustain me till series 3!! x x

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      lachatblanche – Hee! When I read your earlier comment, I was hoping you’d find that this one answered your hopes. In the end I didn’t really have to MAKE Arthur do anything – he just finally came out with it himself, bless him.

      I am so happy that you consider all this as part of your canon now. That’s wonderfully flattering. And that bit you quote – I have to admit to being rather pleased with that myself, so it’s especially wonderful to know it worked for you as well.

      Well, there are only 243 days to wait until the third season begins airing. :-D Hang in there! And I’ll see if I can’t write some more Merlin/Arthur for you in the meantime… Thank you again for your long and lovely comments! ♥

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