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About Harlequin

G’day! My name’s Harlequin, and I write slash.

If you don’t know what slash is, then you might want to read the Warnings and Disclaimers page before proceeding!

You can find me on Live Journal as slashweaver and as mrs_leary.

I got into fandom 20-some years ago while I was living in Australia. Back in the days of zines. I headed straight into slash fandom (so to speak!) having already managed to write slash without knowing that other people did, too. I started with Kirk/Spock – how classic is that! And I wrote band slash way back when, too. :-)

I am mostly a fannish multi-media butterly, flitting here and there between universes, from tv shows to movies to books and back again. But my first big fandom was Buckaroo Banzai. And seeing as all the characters in that universe had pseuds themselves, we fans all adopted them, too. Mine was Stew, drawing on my musical obsessions. (Stewart Copeland, of course! Which later led to the rather odd situation of my Copeland-fandom name being Stew, and his being Klark Kent… Anyway. I digress.) I soon put out a Banzai zine myself, called Samurai Errant.

Later I felt I outgrew Stew, and renamed myself Julien. Further zines ensued – Homosapien, Pure Maple Syrup (Due South), Espresso, and so on.

I loved zines, and I resisted the internet when it came along. But then I kind of dropped out of fandom anyway, and in 2004 I moved to England, and pretty much went into hibernation. I wrote thousands and thousands of words of RPS about rugby league players, which shall Never See the Light of Day! For various reasons, I just couldn’t bring myself to cross the line and publish those stories, and they shall remain in my bottom drawer.

When spring arrived and I finally stirred, I decided a new pseud was in order – hence, Harlequin. You will find here the slash stories I have written since then. (I have also been putting up my older stories from my zines, which is a slow process. So please stay tuned!)

I had a passionate fling with Die Hard 4 for a while, but then I fell hard for Merlin… which led almost inevitably to Merlin RPS, and I loved Bradley/Colin so much that I ended up breaking my own rule and circulating my RPS fic. For a long while there, I wanted to keep it seperate from everything else, hence the creation of Mrs Leary. But I’ve reunited since, and now I’m whole again!

And the obsession continues with Merlin and Merlin RPS… I haven’t written anything else along fannish lines since that fateful hour on Saturday 20 September 2009, when I first watched Merlin and Arthur as (to quote the marketing) ‘two hot young things’… ♥

(The gorgeous texture I used in the background of the site is by Rebecca Parker via brusheezy.com.)