Harlequin's Slash Fic


Below is a list of all the tags used throughout this site, in alpha order.

These should be fairly obvious, with perhaps one exception. The ‘m’ prefix indicates ‘meta’ tags (or my version thereof) and can be used, for example, to find all fic based in the Buffyverse.

The meta tags for Ewan McGregor or Simon Baker Denny do not indicate RPS (Real Person Slash) but instead that I am writing about a character he has played or that I have ‘cast’ him as an otherwise ‘original’ character. I was moved to do this when, in particular, I found that dear Ewan was popping up all over the place… ♥

The AO3 tag is only so I can keep track of which fic I have moved across to that archive, and doesn’t have any other meaning. I’ll delete it once I’m up to date!

Most of the fic here focuses on m/m (or multiple males!) although there are often other relationships of other types in the background. So, for example, some of the Merlin slash fic blithely ignores Arthur/Guinevere, but some of it doesn’t. Where the main focus is not m/m, then I’ve indicated this with a tag prefixed with ‘g’ for… I don’t know, ‘gender’ or ‘genre’.