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An Understanding

Title: An Understanding Author: Julien Universe: Hornblower Characters featured: Horatio/Archie, with varying degrees of Archie/Simpson, Horatio/Pellew, Horatio/Mariette, Archie/Edrington Category, Word count: Story; 14376 words Rating: NC17 Summary: Horatio and Archie fall in love with each other soon after they first meet, but for various reasons are constrained from doing anything about it for far too […]

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The Alchemy of Resurrection

Title: The Alchemy of Resurrection Author: Julien Universe: Hornblower Characters featured: Horatio/Pellew Category, Word count: Story; 12317 words Rating: NC17 Summary: The Indefatigable is on a diplomatic mission, taking Tapling to Malta. While they wait through Tapling’s interminable negotiations with the Grand Master, Horatio takes the opportunity to raise a forbidden subject with Pellew. Notes: […]

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