Harlequin's Slash Fic


Title: Crystal
Author: Harlequin
Universe: Merlin
Characters featured: Mordred and Merlin/Arthur
Category, Word count: PWP; 254 words
Rating: R
Summary: A slightly older Mordred is obsessed with Arthur in all kinds of ways.
Notes: A humble offering for BabyD on her birthday…


Once he’d bent the crystal’s vision to his will, Mordred watched Arthur. If the druid leaders asked him a question, then he’d seek the answer, but in all his hours alone, he watched Arthur. Riding, training, walking, disputing, sleeping. Noble, beautiful, strong – but also intriguingly flawed, frustrated, contradictory. Mordred spent all his waking moments and all his dreams trying to understand.

‘Don’t ever hurt him,’ Morgana said, surprising him one day, and glimpsing sunlight glinting on golden hair. Mordred glared, but she would not back down. ‘You must promise me, Mordred. Do what you will to Uther, but don’t harm Arthur.’

‘What of Emrys?’ he asked.

Morgana’s face turned bleak, and then raw with remembered hurt. ‘Do what you will,’ she repeated in distant tones.

In the darkness Mordred watched Emrys moving over Arthur, weaving love charms with those deceptively honest blue eyes, reducing the prince to needy moans, a soft mouth and an open gaze. Mordred would have to work hard to break those bonds, but he would do so. He would cast stronger spells. One day Arthur would be his. One day… and then all the nights thereafter.

Within the crystal, Emrys suddenly turned to him. Those blue eyes glowing gold. His voice clear in Mordred’s mind. This you shall never have. I will never let you hurt him.

Mordred stared in shock. Had Emrys known all this time?

Emrys stretched out his hand. Heolstorsceadu. And the crystal went dark.

Mordred screamed at exactly the right pitch to shatter the useless thing.

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4 responses to “Crystal”

  1. avatar BecsX says:

    I’m sorry, I know I’m spamming you with my comments but this is made of WIN!
    So ominous and Merlin is awesome protecting Arthur and breaking Mordred’s crystal from allll that way away! Mordred better be shitting himself! *glares in Mordred’s general direction*

    Morgana is perfect in this I think- exactly how I expect she will be when she’s off being all witchy and whatnot. After tonight’s episode I can sort of see why she’d be a tad peeved at Merlin…

    *skips off to read more of your stuff.* I promise to try not to spam. LOL

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      BecsX – Ah, spam is by definition unwanted, eh…? So obviously your comments are nothing of the kind! In fact, we shall dub them fic!love instead. :-D

      I am so very glad you like this one! I wrote it with my friend BabyD in mind, who is a wonderfully wicked Mordred fan, but I have to admit I was quite pleased with it for my own sake. I don’t usually write short fic – I don’t think I’ve ever managed a 100 word drabble! – so it’s particularly gratifying to know that you feel I captured something of Mordred, Merlin and Morgana in this little effort. Yeah, I wasn’t quite expecting the show to be so quick to have Merlin take decisive action against Morgana, but I figured it was coming at some stage. So that kind of worked out nicely! (Well, nicely being very relative in this context…)

      I hope you find more here to enjoy, hon! And don’t be shy about the fic!love… ♥

  2. avatar nutty_angel says:

    wow, This is just wow!

    I especially love that Morgana hasn’t turned against Arthur, as so many fics have her do.

    And Mordred upping the creepy factor with crystal stalking!

    • avatar Harlequin says:

      nutty_angel – Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad this little fic worked for you!

      For me, Morgana has always been very fond of and fairly impressed by Arthur, and I can’t see her (at this stage, anyway) blaming him for wrongs committed in the same way she’d blame Uther and Merlin. I suspect – until or unless canonical events dictate otherwise – she thinks a Camelot with King Arthur would be a much better place, and somewhere she might belong again. These are only my theories, but I’m glad you’re in accord with them! :-)

      Ah yes, creepy Modred is creepy. This kid really does give me the shivers… :-D

      Thank you so much for commenting! ♥

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