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A Very Strange Enchanted Boy

Title: A Very Strange Enchanted Boy Author: Julien Universe: Hornblower and Moulin Rouge! Characters featured: Horatio/Archie and Archie/Christian Category, Word count: Short story; 6165 words Rating: R, for what’s implied (there’s nothing very explicit) Summary: Horatio and Archie are on shore leave in Calais, France in 1900. Archie suggests they visit his beloved brother Christian, […]

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Title: Involved Author: Harlequin Universe: The Guardian and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Characters featured: Nick Fallin/Spike Category, Word count: Short story; 7819 words Rating: NC17 Summary, Notes: A cross–universe story – featuring Spike, a vampire who’s in love with the slayer, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer – and Nick Fallin, a corporate lawyer doing community […]

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The Love that Dares

Title: The Love that Dares Author: Julien Universe: Ted & Ralph (The Fast Show) and Queen of the Damned Characters featured: Ted/Ralph, and David Talbot/Marius Category, Word count: Short story; 5891 words Rating: R Summary: Ralph has invited David Talbot to visit the estate to study the ghosts that haunt the big house. When Talbot’s […]

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